There are many ways to do it depend all in your goals.

So actually you must know / set your goals first. Once you have goals, then you know what to do with the “tool” your 1000$.

So maybe I share 2 things on how to have goals and a “what am I going to do if I have 1000$ to invest” but that is very fit to my goals and my plan so it sure maynot suit you.

  1. Goals: you should have SMART goals (google what is SMART goals) in:
    1. Financial
    2. Health
    3. Relationship
    4. Peace
    5. Saving someone

So interm of financial, investment is right way to come to your goal, invest early, invest frequently will help a lot.

  1. My
    1. if I have only a 1000$ I would have 250$ in books/ courses; 500$ for forex, 250$ for traveling
    2. If I have 1000$ each month: I would follow my plan on Forex Manage Account – Live Forex Signal 24/7 to have 10.000$ to be 1.000.000$ in 7 years

I hope it help