Best Forex Broker

Best Forex Broker

Best forex broker

Best forex broker choosing base on How much is your capital and what is you trading style. Shoes and clothes changes overtime we growth up. What fit yesterday may not fit tomorrow, so do brokers.

For example when someone asked me Which Forex broker is the best, IC Market, Exness or FBS? Here is what I mentioned :

  • FBS is good when you start because it give you large leverage and also bonus, so with small money you can have more room to breath.
  • Exness is in middle with normal leverage.
  • ICMarket does not have room for you to breath so you have to make sure bring over enough capital. But the trading condition is best when you have large money and you really dont want to use much leverage.

What we can do to help is listed some brokers that we tested with live account of more than 5.000$ each for more than 6 months, hope that it will give you an in-depth view of the what is provide in the market

TTInvestmentBrokersAccount TypeLeverageClick - Join Elite GroupAdvantages
1<2000$FBSMini1:2000Click - Register Trading Account FBS100% bonus
2<3000$ExnessMini1:2000Click - Register Trading Account ExnessFree deposit withdrawal
3>3000$IC MarketStandard / ECN1:400Click - Register Trading Account IC MarketFree deposit withdrawal
4>3000$AxitraderStandard / ECN1:400Click - Register Trading Account AxitraderFree deposit withdrawal
5>3000$TickmillStandard / ECN1:400Click - Register Trading Account TickmillReduce 5% spread
6>15.000$PrivateECN1:100Contact us
We also have a VIP quick open account program, just contact us, state your need and we do the rest